When & how do I sign-up?

You can sign up and start at any time. Tuition the first month will be pro-rated based on the number of classes that month. The yearly registration fee & first month's tuition amount is due at the time of sign-up -- spots are not held without the proper fees paid.You can either call the gym (615-883-5166) or send an email (magnitudegymnastics@comcast.net) to get the most up-to-date information. 


When is tuition due & how many classes are being paid for each month?

Tuition prices are based on your method of payment and the date your payment is made.  ​We accept cash, check, money orders and bank/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & Discover only)
A $30 processing fee will be charged on all returned checks.
We offer a discount for cash & check payments; therefore, all bank/credit card transactions are slightly more. 
Tuition is due each month (even if a month contains a day which class is not being held) & is not pro-rated for planned closings. During the course of a year, the amount of class days even out to four (4) classes per month for a total of 48 paid classes.



What is the class make-up policy?

Make-up classes are not offered for classes missed unless classes were missed due to the gym being closed on account of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. The make-up class would then be held within one (1) month of the missed class. 

*Extreme "acts of God" are not eligible for make-up.


How do I know if the gym is closed because of inclement weather and will a class missed on account of weather be made up?

The gym does not follow any particular school district regarding cancellation of classes due to inclement weather. On the day in question, there will be two ways to find out the status of the gym (for that particular day): 1) ON-LINE (www.magnitudegymnastics.com) A message regarding whether the gym is open or closed will be posted on the NEWS section on the home page of the website (in yellow) and/or 2) PHONE MESSAGE (615-883-5166) A recorded phone message will be posted on the gym phone regarding the status of the gym due to the current weather conditions. (Please do not leave a phone message asking if the gym will be open or closed as those messages will not be returned). Be advised, the FINAL DECISION will be made by NOON of the day in question. Classes which are missed, due to the gym being closed because of the weather, will be made up. The make-up class will be held within one (1) month of the missed class. 
We do not offer a tuition discount or pro-rate tuition for any time the gym is closed due to the weather.

What are the planned closings for 2019?
Labor Day
October 31 (Halloween)
Winter Break

**These days are part of our planned closings and are not eligible for make-up. They have been built into our yearly schedule.

Can I drop my child off or do I need to remain at the gym during their class time?

A parent or guardian must accompany any student in and out of the building. Instructors cannot be responsible for students left unattended after class time and students are not permitted to loiter outside the building. You may leave your child during his/her class time but must sign-out on the sign-out sheet located at the front desk. All children in the lobby must be supervised by their parent(s) at all times. (It is the responsibility of the parent(s), not of any staff member, to watch their children in the lobby AT ALL TIMES. Continual disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and siblings/students/parent(s) will be asked to leave the lobby area for the entire class time).

No unaccompanied student should be dropped off at the gym earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their respective class time or picked up later than the end of their respective class time.


How do I withdraw from the gym?

In the event that you wish to cancel your enrollment at Magnitude 10.0 Gymnastics, we require a thirty (30) day written notice. IF THE REQUIRED NOTICED IS NOT SUBMITTED, YOU WILL BE BILLED AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RESPECTIVE MONTH'S TUITION. Delinquent accounts are handled by a collection agency.


Where do students put their personal items during class time?

Cubbies are located in the lobby (near the front door) for students to put their shoes, coats, clothes, book bags, etc., during their respective class time. Please do not leave these items loose in the lobby

P.O. Box 8356

Hermitage, TN 37076

(615) 883-5166 (voicemail only)


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